As the world becomes more interconnected by industries, the world’s resources are becoming scarcer by the day. Concerned by the idea of planned obsolescence, the concept that things are designed to fail in order to be replaced with shiny new versions, we are too ready to dismiss things as old. We, as a culture, tend to not appreciate things for the time, ingenuity, and skill put into the development and design of objects.


GMONIK has experienced firsthand the effects of consumer culture during his travels in Southeast Asia. With an overwhelming arena of over produced cheap goods, people would toss out their old things leaving behind the waste for nature to deal with. This became the source and influence for his work.


After four years living abroad, GMONIK came back to the US at the end of 2012 and has been actively establishing himself as a creative force in the art community. Whether it is painting, sculpture, or street art mural, GMONIK continues to learn and explore new boundaries.